Monday, June 22, 2009

gutter exhibition goes to prom!

last nite was really fun! me and all of my 9th grader friends goes to prom which was held in bidakara tower. this is exactly what we were wearing ( fyi, gutter exhibition made by two girls nisa and nadea )

left:nisa right:nadea

it was a real fun! oh i'm gonna miss you guys :'( especially the fact that i'm not gonna continue my school in 8 shs but in 28 shs. the most memorable things last night was when we all go to the dance floor and act like crazy lol. the naif band made us up!
at first we were bored a bit so we went outside and took some pictures,

then a hour later we all went like this

pretty embarassing,eh? but it was freaking fun! too bad i have to came home earlier. especially when the DJ came out and all of the students was dancing like crazy. so this is the time when my junior high ended. i'm gonna miss my school and my friends so bad! thanks for all the memories that i had been through. awwwwwwwwwwwwww :')

with tears,

Thursday, June 18, 2009

random so-unimportant things

heyyya :] havent post anything so long and i dont even know what to write so... first forgive me because you're gonna read something so not important ahah

i just bought many things but this one is so cute that i cant even stand it ahah <3 last week i went to my uncle's wedding party so i bought clutch party bag (?) and i love it!

and here it comes my recently favorite necklace ...
i like the red one mostly, and oh yeah i bought it on mango on sale that i only had to pay about Rp 49000 or $4,9 ha! isnt that adorable? and the round blue one was from a good friend of mine, nadea thanks i love it :]

and here it goes... my recently favorite bangles are...

tara! haha i especially love the white one, and i bought it for a cheap cheap price <3
i know guys this is so not important to be read. i really want to post some of my looks recently but i still havent found my camera :'( this one i took with my mom's dicam. *sob*

pray me for a good result on school!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

what to wear on summer?

its been almost a week since i havent post anything yet. actually i bought some random-but-cute things but i'll post the image later, after i found my missing digital camera :'(

its summer everybody! the best place to visit is...beach! wear your swimsuit, lay on the sand, and feel the taste of the nature. tomorrow i'm going to anyer with my bilingual class! i actually want to wear this :

summer dress, omg i heart this one!

funky flip flops! its a must!

look at this cute bag! want it so badddd <3>

beach hat as always

and finally the famous sunglasses

and dont forget to wear sunblock to prevent the damaging of your skin!

air kisses,