Friday, July 17, 2009

Indonesia's National Museum

A week ago, i went to the national museum for the first time of my entire whole life. i was amazed by indonesia's culture :] actually we shouldnt took pictures inside,but whatever lets all ignore the rules! i do took some pictures (silently)

me and my little sister

black dress
found in my closet
stripped legging by GAP
transparent flat shoes by fly
bangles by mango

this is gamelan orchestra, a traditional music instrument from indonesia

me and my little cousins

look at this! its a skull from thousands even million years ago!

ah i really want to post more pictures,but i cant take many photos, securities are everywhere. and also,there is sumatra exhibition sculpture too bad it was closed already when i went there, because its already afternoon gah! :(

i'm proud to be indonesian!


  1. AH TADI JANGAN JANGAN BELOM KE KONEK UDAH AKU KLOSE OH GOAT. ehem.. mau bilang : kok bisa sih nggak ketauan security nya?? :O curaaa~ng HAHHAHA btw fashion sensenya bagus :>

  2. Sounds fun! And the pictures are pretty:)

  3. I love the striped leggings! Looks like a very cool museum.

  4. wah menyenangkan skali..
    u had a great weekend! =)

  5. i absolutely love going to museums! especially when i go to learn about my culture(:

    it looks like you enjoyed yourself. i'm glad(:
    and i want your leggings!



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