Thursday, May 28, 2009

new family members!

yesterday i tidy up my room and my closet and i found two things :

i think i can use them both :) on thursday, i went to a mall and bought a really cute and adorable red flats in zara, love it!

then i tried to mix and match it with my clothes but yeah, it didnt turn out well...

and i wonder why suddenly the camera become blur? the picture look bad. and sorry for the face of mine which is not... -_- and because there was nobody at home except my maid, i used time clicker or whatever is that which could took the picture automatically ,but yeah its not that good hem

happy school holiday!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

new ugg boots!

On Sunday my family and i went to bandung. we went to many factory outlets, but the most memorable place is The secret, and cascade. . Then when i arrived at the secret i suddenly fall in love with an ugg boots. When i saw the tag price i begged and cried to my mother 'mom please please please please please' then i said i would like to pay half of it with my own money ( Rp.311000 or $31,1 ) then she said okay, eventhough i dont have to pay it half , aw thanks mom you're the best! :)

click for a larger view!

any other place that i have to visit for some amazing outfits in jakarta?

go indonesia!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

DIY simple but a mess

so i just found some interesting and useable things in my room then i made two things :

1. Headpiece/ Headcraft

my old headpiece was full with strawberry pattern and i think its ugly and too childish, so i covered it with blue ribbon and then i add white weft. the ribbon was from gifts i think it came out pretty well eventhough i cannot wear it because i wear a veil hem-_-

2. Feather Fringe Necklace (or should i say embarassing necklace?)

then i found some useless pen with feather. so i decided to take the feather and then throw away the pen ( because the ink were already used ). fyi, i censored my face because it looks ''alay'' lol. with feathers, flowers, and a butterfly beads it became a necklace. anyway my mom said it looks ''norak'' haha yeah it is mom, first experiment doesnt come out really well does it?

3. Money made necklace

At the beginning i wanted to make some of bohemian necklace look at the top of the necklace, i put my useless bracelet which has cute pattern. after that i really didnt know what to add so i saw my sister's money then i had a stupid idea. i tried to glue the money and voila! i know its not a brilliant idea but i kind of like it.

i also bought a cute pink scarf from giordano ( i dont know what it is actually so lets just call it scarf ) i bought it at a mall which had a big sale for giordano. i think you guys should come!

happy holiday!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

love vs hatred

look at the shoe! you would think,''wew its weird, i wont wear it'' how much does it costs? 1800$! well, its pretty cute i think, because it is jimmy choo's! which one do you like most?


Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Draw

hey guys! a few days ago i just drew some ugly sketches, but personally i think it came out well for an amateur like me yeah i know i color it just with color pencil and spidol but yeah i want you to see it

1. Random Dress

This is my first draw about three different dresses, first is the garden pattern, second is the birthday party dress with violet color and beads, and third is the modern dress. yeah i know you will say ''whats so special with this? i can did it better!'' but for me i like it, especially the modern dress, i just love the unique pattern (maybe you say its not unique, its common but anyway whatever lol)

2. Spring 2009 Dress

I made many mistakes on this drawing because i want it to be done as soon as possible so i made it in a hurry only in one and a half hour so it came out bad :( but i like the blue-ish dress because of the gradation color, and the necklace too. anyway dont you see the third dress it looks like whoever wear it will look fat? yeah i can see that-_-

3. Floral Plan

Actually i dont know what was i thinking , it looks not good, and i didnt draw the face because i dont know hows the expression and i'm afraid it would make the drawing worse. Look at the tree, it full with brand and designer's name! and oh yeah the background, i havent know what to do with it yet. later.

I know i dont have talent on this but i just love to draw :)

with smile,

Saturday, May 9, 2009