Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Draw

hey guys! a few days ago i just drew some ugly sketches, but personally i think it came out well for an amateur like me yeah i know i color it just with color pencil and spidol but yeah i want you to see it

1. Random Dress

This is my first draw about three different dresses, first is the garden pattern, second is the birthday party dress with violet color and beads, and third is the modern dress. yeah i know you will say ''whats so special with this? i can did it better!'' but for me i like it, especially the modern dress, i just love the unique pattern (maybe you say its not unique, its common but anyway whatever lol)

2. Spring 2009 Dress

I made many mistakes on this drawing because i want it to be done as soon as possible so i made it in a hurry only in one and a half hour so it came out bad :( but i like the blue-ish dress because of the gradation color, and the necklace too. anyway dont you see the third dress it looks like whoever wear it will look fat? yeah i can see that-_-

3. Floral Plan

Actually i dont know what was i thinking , it looks not good, and i didnt draw the face because i dont know hows the expression and i'm afraid it would make the drawing worse. Look at the tree, it full with brand and designer's name! and oh yeah the background, i havent know what to do with it yet. later.

I know i dont have talent on this but i just love to draw :)

with smile,


  1. I really like the last sketch.
    I'm wear a dress like that.
    Very cute.


  2. ooo i love these sketches your really good!


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