Sunday, May 24, 2009

new ugg boots!

On Sunday my family and i went to bandung. we went to many factory outlets, but the most memorable place is The secret, and cascade. . Then when i arrived at the secret i suddenly fall in love with an ugg boots. When i saw the tag price i begged and cried to my mother 'mom please please please please please' then i said i would like to pay half of it with my own money ( Rp.311000 or $31,1 ) then she said okay, eventhough i dont have to pay it half , aw thanks mom you're the best! :)

click for a larger view!

any other place that i have to visit for some amazing outfits in jakarta?

go indonesia!


  1. the boots are so great!!! <3 <3

  2. lovely blog! those boots are so cool! you were lucky to get them =)

  3. cool boots, i'm craving to buy an ugg boots as well...since it's winter here, huhuhuhu :( nice blog ^^

  4. Hello there !
    Aww, the ugg boots is so in now aight ! The fringe added the country looks in it !

    Oh btw if you a shoe-lover, why not give Kulkith a try ?


  5. ouh, those are so cool .
    very much like the minnetonka moccasins :]

  6. really digging the boots


  7. I'm not normally an Ugg fan, but those are incredible.


  8. I like the style of these Ugg boots better than the originals~


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