Thursday, May 21, 2009

DIY simple but a mess

so i just found some interesting and useable things in my room then i made two things :

1. Headpiece/ Headcraft

my old headpiece was full with strawberry pattern and i think its ugly and too childish, so i covered it with blue ribbon and then i add white weft. the ribbon was from gifts i think it came out pretty well eventhough i cannot wear it because i wear a veil hem-_-

2. Feather Fringe Necklace (or should i say embarassing necklace?)

then i found some useless pen with feather. so i decided to take the feather and then throw away the pen ( because the ink were already used ). fyi, i censored my face because it looks ''alay'' lol. with feathers, flowers, and a butterfly beads it became a necklace. anyway my mom said it looks ''norak'' haha yeah it is mom, first experiment doesnt come out really well does it?

3. Money made necklace

At the beginning i wanted to make some of bohemian necklace look at the top of the necklace, i put my useless bracelet which has cute pattern. after that i really didnt know what to add so i saw my sister's money then i had a stupid idea. i tried to glue the money and voila! i know its not a brilliant idea but i kind of like it.

i also bought a cute pink scarf from giordano ( i dont know what it is actually so lets just call it scarf ) i bought it at a mall which had a big sale for giordano. i think you guys should come!

happy holiday!


  1. great Ideas. using things that just gather dust is excellant.


  2. Thanks for visting my blog!! :)

    I love your diy ideas! The headband and fringe necklace came out nicely!!

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment! I love the DIY action on your blog. One of my fav things to read. xx


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