Thursday, June 18, 2009

random so-unimportant things

heyyya :] havent post anything so long and i dont even know what to write so... first forgive me because you're gonna read something so not important ahah

i just bought many things but this one is so cute that i cant even stand it ahah <3 last week i went to my uncle's wedding party so i bought clutch party bag (?) and i love it!

and here it comes my recently favorite necklace ...
i like the red one mostly, and oh yeah i bought it on mango on sale that i only had to pay about Rp 49000 or $4,9 ha! isnt that adorable? and the round blue one was from a good friend of mine, nadea thanks i love it :]

and here it goes... my recently favorite bangles are...

tara! haha i especially love the white one, and i bought it for a cheap cheap price <3
i know guys this is so not important to be read. i really want to post some of my looks recently but i still havent found my camera :'( this one i took with my mom's dicam. *sob*

pray me for a good result on school!


  1. love the clutch ^^ it's perfect for a night out as well, hee hee :D

  2. The jewelry you bought is fantastic. Good luck finding your camera! Mine is broken, so I know how much it sucks being without one.

  3. this is such a lovely blog and those bracelets are so eclectic! :)

  4. I love the colors of your bangles. Good luck with school! :)

  5. Such a sweet little clutch!xx

  6. Such a lovely bag and bracelets!

  7. lovely clucth.. =0
    and your bracelets , cool!

    love, v

  8. i really love the accessories

    thanks for commenting on my blog i really appreciate it

  9. thank you for the sweet comment(:

    love the first necklace and all the bracelets!
    hope you have a good week.


  10. Oh, I love the clutch.
    Very cute.



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