Sunday, June 7, 2009

what to wear on summer?

its been almost a week since i havent post anything yet. actually i bought some random-but-cute things but i'll post the image later, after i found my missing digital camera :'(

its summer everybody! the best place to visit is...beach! wear your swimsuit, lay on the sand, and feel the taste of the nature. tomorrow i'm going to anyer with my bilingual class! i actually want to wear this :

summer dress, omg i heart this one!

funky flip flops! its a must!

look at this cute bag! want it so badddd <3>

beach hat as always

and finally the famous sunglasses

and dont forget to wear sunblock to prevent the damaging of your skin!

air kisses,


  1. hey wanna exchange link with me?

  2. The dress is really adorable

  3. I love the draping on that dress and I've been totally looking for a hat like that. Lovely!

  4. hai anisa..
    amaaf lama balesnya.. =)
    iya, aku juga suka sama dress summer nya,, simple dan sgt comfy.. i think.. =)

  5. that first dress is GORGEOUS !
    sort of matthew williamson-esque, no ?

  6. dress and hat are so cute. straw hats are so perfect for summer

  7. ooo! We have those sunglasses at work. If only I could pull that look off.

  8. The dress is really beautiful! <3

  9. absolutely love that dress.. so perfect

  10. i LOVELOVELOVE that matthew williamson dress .

  11. the pink dress is so, so pretty, and I want a big straw hat so badly!


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